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AirPods 2 is our exclusive product with high quality sound and excellent build quality.

You will feel the sound better than ever before, with its wireless freedom and long lasting battery life. Just charge once and enjoy the flawless high quality audio for hours and hours.

Some best features of AirPods 2

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Clients' Testimonials

Great product...sound quality is just amazing...turning on/off by plugging in/out is the best feature it holds...
You cannot differentiate between the Genuine Airpods 2 (which costs $200) and this Master Replica. The sound quality is really great and worth more than it's price.
Verified Buyer
The product was exceptional. The sound quality was very good, you can easily listen to everything from low to high frequencies, and the bass and sound coming from this thing is way better than expected. Overall the Airpods are very good.
Verified Reviewer

Why AirPods 2 from Onegadjets?

Some Bold Features Picks

Auto Pause & Play

It automatically pause itself when you put the earbuds our of earn, anyone of them and vice versa.

Competitive Pricing

We are 100% sure, you're not going to get this much high quality in such resonable price.

Extended Power - 519mAh

It exclusively contains 519mAh battery, and the case can charge it upto 3 times.

Wireless Charging

You can charge it with any supported wireless charging pad, just place and go.

You Should have been Convinced so Far!

We can assure you that we are offering you best quality product in the market, other marketplaces or sellers are selling a lot lower quality product in expensive price than our's.

You can conclude easily with build quality and sound quality, an average user cannot distinguish between this AirPods 2 Master Replica and Original one!

I challenge you!

Questions regarding product

FAQ about AirPods 2

There’s no difference between our premium quality copy and original one. It’s like a 19/20 difference.

Yes, you can change the name. But it’ll only change the name on your phone. If you change the name on iphone. It’ll overwrite it permanently, until changed again.

We have a premium quality copy that comes with huge 519mAh battery that can last 4-5 hours easily.

You can charge it upto 2 hours but no more than that. When the battery is low, the yellow light on the case starts blinking.

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